Internet Terminology

You know what a website is & that your business needs one, but HOW IN THE WORLD are you going to do this?

Here’s a run down of the terminology behind building & maintaining your company’s web presence.

The summaries below aren’t meant to be the complete technical definition of these terms. They are meant to be a practical explanation to give you a basic understanding so you can hold a semi-intelligent conversation on the topic without being completely in the dark.

  • Internet
    I know… We all should know this one by now (since you found this Website on it…) But for grins, I’ll give you a brief overview. The Internet is nothing more than a bunch of computers all over the world networked together. Most of these computers host websites & services for other computers to access.
  • Website
    A collection of web pages hosted on the Internet. A website can be made up of individually crafted documents or it can be built in a Content Management System (CMS).
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    Think of a CMS as a program you use to ease the building & maintenance of a website. Most CMS do not require programming knowledge or capabilities, however some of them can be quite complicated to figure out when you’re starting a Website from scratch.
  • Domain Name
    This is the “name” of your website. For example, our primary domain name is “”. This is your online identity as it’s how you’ll tell people where to find you on the Internet.
  • Domain Name Registrar
    Domain Names are registered or “rented” annually. The company that you register a Domain Name from is known as a Registrar.
  • Web Hosting
    Once you have registered a Domain Name, now you need a place to Host your website. Generally speaking, you would pay a professional web hosting company to use a portion of their servers to host your website.
  • URL
    This is the full address to any particular page on a website. Example: “” is the URL for our home page. (Notice you see our Domain Name right there in the middle of it).
  • Link
    When you make words or pictures clickable to take you to another URL, those are called links.

More to come!