Who is The BERT Company?

A little more about The BERT Company: (BERT = Business Expense Reduction Team)

Our company is privately owned by a Fort Worth family that has served a multitude of industries since 1958.  Our reach covers, but is not limited to: oil & gas discovery/drilling, convenience stores/gas stations, real estate, lending, product manufacturing, metals refining, business expense analysis & reduction, LED Lighting solutions, HVAC efficiency retrofit solutions, contact center solutions, marketing solutions, telecommunications services, office and janitorial supplies, copiers, distribution centers, health and wellness, as well as a multitude of philanthropic ventures that have built into the local community.

The BERT Company was started as a way to pull together a multitude of these companies and services under 1 umbrella providing a single source for finding every avenue possible to save your company money on everyday business expenses. Between the businesses owned and controlled in our family of companies and those we’ve created strategic alliances with, we’ve been able to identify a broad range of opportunities to significantly reduce our clients’ business expenses.

Why do you want my electric bill & a signed LOA?

Providing us with your most recent energy bill and the signed LOA simply allow us to gather enough information to estimate the scale of energy savings we would be able to generate for you with our lighting and HVAC retrofit programs. Providing these to us does not represent any form of commitment on your part outside of your interest in seeing what we can do for you.

Why are you asking about credit applications?

When we provide a project proposal we like to be able to show you what we can do for you, including an analysis of energy savings based on all audited systems as well as our unique financing options that allow you to realize those savings immediately.

Providing us with a completed 1-page credit application allows us to see if you qualify for our equipment lease options. We do our best to provide solutions that make it an easy and cost effective decision to retrofit your building with the latest and greatest energy savings solutions. Our goal is to make the cost of retrofitting your building below that of the savings we provide you. In most cases this means you’re not waiting on a 2-6 year ROI from our services. You start realizing savings (money in your pocket) the first month after installation.