Power Solutions

We are the Energy Guys. Put us to work finding the best price, contract terms and suppliers for your unique business needs.

While conducting our review process, we will highlight some of the key variables in determining which supplier makes sense for you.

Product Portfolio

Aggressive, indexed rate pricing. Conservative fixed rate pricing. Hybrid pricing. Custom pricing for your specific usage profile.

Hedging Constraints

Flexibility to use forward contracts to capture low rates during market dips. Ability to leverage down rates before contract expiration while market opportunities exist.

Payment Terms

We have seen payment terms ranging from 10 to 30 days. Many companies never find the appropriate rate and payment term combination. The lowest price with the shortest payment terms is often the costliest scenario.

Green Energy

Who provides the mix of green energy that matches your objectives?

Timing is everything. You have likely heard this before, but then no explanation is forthcoming. How can your company take advantage of good timing in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets?

There is a common misconception that contract end dates should determine future contract renewals. Most companies arbitrarily review electricity and natural gas rates just before existing contracts expire. During price spike periods this can lead to a doubling or tripling of renewal rates when market conditions are unfavorable.

The Energy Guys go to work on your behalf looking for dips in market pricing that would enable your business to maintain or leverage down existing contract rates. This process essentially creates a perpetual Request For Proposal for your future energy needs and removes the potential for rate shock.

We are a leading energy broker based in Dallas, Texas. We assist our clients with all aspects of energy procurement.